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Bredent Attachment Systems

The Bredent VKS Attachment Systems are the most popular in Europe! Dental Health Professionals and their patients enjoy using Bredent attachments because they are simple to use, cost effective and durable.

Bredent VKS OC/SG Attachments are available in a 2.2 mm or 1.7 mm size

*2.2mm OC has a total of 6 retention levels *1.7mm OC has a total of 7 retention levels
*2.2mm SG has a total of 10 retention levels *1.7mm SG has a total of 10 retention levels.
VKS OC/SG Special Introdcutory Kit 2.2. 43005300 VKS OC/SG Special Introductory Kit 1.7 43006510

Click on any of the images below for more details on the VKS – Vario Kugel Snap Systems

Vario Kugel Snap vks-sg
Vario Kugel Snap vks-oc
VSP clip bar Vario Kugel Snap vks for root caps


Vario-Kugel-Snap vks-oc

Vario-Soft-Profile Bar VSP
for implants and bridges

Vario-Kugel-Snap vks
for root caps
Vario Soft 3 - soft friction
Vario Soft Bar VSS - splinting Crowns & implants

Vario Soft 3 

Vario Soft Bar for Splinting
Crowns & Implants
Bridge Sectioning Attachment
Locking Pin System E
Vario-Soft 3 mini
Security Lock (tool kit)
OC Bridge Sectioning