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Bredent attachments, VSS Vario Soft Bar VSS


Vario Soft Bar, Reduced GreenVSS Matrix
Reduced Light Friction
8 pce refill 43005270
Vario Soft Bar, Yellow, mediumVSS Matrix
Normal Medium Friction
8 pce refill 43005260
Vario Soft Bar, red, highVSS Matrix
High Firm Friction
8 pce refill 43005250


Vario Soft Bar VSSVario Soft Bar VSS
with paralleling  mandrel attached.
8 pce refill 4300 5240
Press In Pin
8 pce refill 4300 5280

The Bredent VSS is a passive friction, since there is no snap on insertion. The Vario Soft Bar VSS system is an excellent alternative for some treatment modalities.

Vario Soft Free End saddlesIndicated for free end saddles where clasps are not accepted and a passive fit is required to protect the abutment. Vario Soft Bar - for splinting crownsFor splinting crowns or implants together.

The VSS Attachment can be shortened by up to half its length, making it ideal for many indications, even in cases with complex bites. The double male cones can be positioned for implants and dolder bars or mesially and distally when incorporated for removable cast partials.

The burnout bar pattern is plastic and burns out completely allowing you to cast in the alloy or the base metal of your choice. Kits and refills are available.