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Bredent oc Bridge Sectioning Attachment

This prefabricated unit facilitates fabrication of a sectioned bridge with occlusal screw.

The titanium screw has a hexagonal socket to facilitate
and loosening.
The circumferential ring marks the maximum level to
which it can be
Premanufactured abutment.


The paralleling mandrel positions the sectioning
attachment correctly. 
The design and minimal dimensions of the threaded
sleeve in the sectioning
attachment enable it to be adapted to the papillae as required.
The threaded sleeve is made of a cast-on alloy and can
be used with
any gold or semi-precious alloy.
The retention rod should be coated with colloidal
graphite and retains
the threaded sleeve precisely in the investment material.
The section connecting the attachment to the coping is
rounded, has
a diameter of 1.0 mm and can be trimmed accurately with a 1.0 mm rotary
cutter if required.
The circumferential ledge on the locking ring marks the
level to which
the screw and locking ring can be reduced.
To ensure that the locking ring is fixed in place
securely, the outer
section must be moulded with Pi-Ku-Plast brush-on
The exterior design of the locking ring which consists
of a cast-on
gold alloy, ensures that it is retained securely in resin.
The bridge patter is waxed up onto the resin outer
The titamium screw can be ground to blend it into the
occlusal surface.