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Bredent attachments, Security Lock (Tool Kit Patented threaded units which do not loosen or break.

HM-Centering drill 1.0
Order No. 33000815

Diatit Multidrill 1.0
Order No. 33000610

HM-Centering drill 1.4
Order No. 33000660

Diatit Multidrill 1.4
Order No. 33000790

HM-Centering drill 1.4
Order No. 33000660

Diatit Multidrill 1.8
Order No. 33000800

Assortment available in 1.0, 1.4 or 1.8
sizes.43007290, Size 1.0
43007291, Size 1.4
43007292, Size 1.8
Each assortment contains:
2 threaded rods, titanium
2 matrix sleeves HL
(cast on/solderable)
2 Fixing screws
1 Diatit Multidrill
1 HM-Centering Drill
1 Screw Driver

Since the non-threaded section is in the inner coping, no micro-movements can be transferred. This guarantees that the threaded rod will not loose inadvertently.

  • The different sizes can be used for a wide range of applications with implants and bridges etc..
  • In this case a superstructure is to be retained with a screw. The abutment should be waxed up using standard procedures.
  • Once the abutment has been cast, it should be milled and polished.
  • A centering drill is used to create a purchase point in the correct position.
  • The correct size of Multidrill is used to drill a hole at the correct angle for the threaded rod. It is absolutely essential that Bredent milling/drilling oil is used.
  • Screw the threaded rod into the threaded sleeve. Both the pin and the hexagonal socket can be reduced as required.
  • Coat the threaded rod and sleeve with Pi-Ku-Plast, Order No, 54000176.
  • Pi-Ku-Plast guarantees optimum strength for continued processing.
  • Screw a retention screw coated with colloidal graphite into the threaded sleeve to retain it in the investment material.