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Case Study # 3: VKS-SG Attachments 2.2


Case 3: Before Case 3: After .

The extra coronal precision attachment for removable partial dentures are usually more suited for patients to insert rather than intra-coronal which requires more accuracy for insertion. This case study has a PFM crown on the lower right, 1st bicuspid and 2 PFM crowns on the left 1st and 2nd bicuspid. The SG attachment in the 2.2 mm size (see Case 4 for 1.7) were utilised. The SG is a low cost attachment that is resilient. The plastic
retention sleeves absorb potentially destructive loads and distributes these forces away from the crowned abutments to the supportive bone and tissue. There are three varied retentions that can be replaced at chair side in approximately 30 seconds.


Case Study # 4: VKS-SG 1.7 mini


Case 4: BeforeCase 4: After
In this case the 1.7 mm. or mini is utilised on a six anterior lower bridge. The extra-coronal attachment can be used with small retaining abutments such as lower anteriors. There is a high patient acceptance because of the easy insertion and removal. There is minimal wear to the retentive sleeve, because it is made of duroplast, a thermal plastic material that wears better than conventional nylon. The SG attachments also has guide walls on both the male and female to prevent posterior lift off of the lower partial denture. The SG mini can be used in anterior areas where space is at a premium. The SG mini can be used in a bilateral or unilateral free end with compatible cross arch stabilization. Finally the SG can also be utilised on implant bars.


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