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Winter 1998


Inside This Issue

1. Removable Cosmetics On The Rise
2. Bredent’s Latest Advancement
3. Recognized Competence Has Value
4. Technical Questions and Answers
5. Cost Effective Mini OC Starter Kits

Cosmetic Removable

By the year 2000, forty percent of dentist’s clinical procedures will be cosmetic clinical procedures. Recently the Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC) released their Future of Dentistry Survey report. Dentists confirmed future usage trends for specific dental laboratory categories through this survey. The most likely products to increase in use were Ceramic Veneers and All Ceramic Crowns. There is a second group of products showing a lower reading for expected growth but with a percentage high enough to be noted. This group includes Implant supported Crowns, Ceramic Inlays/Onlays, Implant supported Full and Partial Dentures, This means that cosmetic procedures that have been traditional to Crown and Bridge will have to be applied to Partials, Dentures and Implants cases. Clasps and oversized attachments will not meet the demands of the increasingly more sophisticated dental patient. With the advent of the Bredent VKS snap attachment system, the dental professionals have the opportunity to provide the patients with a broader range of reliable cosmetic services and state of the art clinical advancement such as the miniaturization of the VKS-OC male. The flexibility to choose either a 30 or 60 degree application allows for the best selection of attachment angle for any particular abutment and the tissue conditions of the patient. Porcelain can even be applied to the attachment’s gingiva for better tissue to attachment hygiene. Versatility and the broad compatability of the VKS system assures that it can be used with cases supported by natural teeth, remaining roots or Implants. Castible plastic resin ensures alloy bio-compatability. The simplicity of the VKS series of attachments is that its different systems utilize the same tools. Prefabricated components simplify the working procedures and a choice of three inter-changeable retentions made of Duro-Plast (thermo-plastic material) can be changed at chairside. The VKS attachments provide space for flexibility of design and protection of the abutments. Implementation by the clinical and technical team provide the ultimate benefit for the dental patient.

Remember: We have full colour literature outlining the VKS attachments for Removable Partial Dentures, Over Dentures and Implant Bars. For your package of litarature please call: 1-800-859-7589 or e-mail us at dent-line of canada inc.

Bredent’s Liquid Colloidal Graphite

Please see below for Technical Questions and Answers

VKS OC MiniBredent’s Latest Clinical Advancement

vksocminiBredent has just announced the immediate availability of the VKS-OC male in the mini size of 1.7 mm. Computer assisted CAD/CAM technology was used to design the miniaturization and angulation of the VKS-OC. The male comes in 30 and 60 degrees.
VKS / OC male, 30 degreesVKS-OC Mini 30 Degree VKS / OC male, 60 degreesVKS-OC Mini 60 Degree

This allows you to fit to the attachment tooth, rather than fit the tooth to the attachment. Its lower position and angle ensures ample vertical space while the mini size creates more buccal, lingual and mesial space. In addition, the use of block out discs during the processing provides room for vertical and rotational movements to reduce strain and leverage on the abutment. The VKS-OC Mini Extra Coronol Attachment Offers Many Benefits:

Cost Effective Starter Kits

Vario Stud Snap VKS-OC 1.7 30/60, 20 pce. Assortment. Contains 2 male each of 30 & 60, OC females 4 each green, yellow and red. Block out Disc 4, a Parallel mandrel and Insertion Pin. Order Number 43007349.

For Technical Assistance On Bredent Attachments Or To Order, Call 1-800-859-7589

Peter T. Pontsa, R.D.T.

Recognized Competence Has Value

Education plays an important role in protecting the public. Consider this bizarre story printed in the Toronto Star recently.

Maria Solo, 42, of Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A., was charged in April with practising dentistry without a license. The charge was based on a complaint from a patient who was referred to her because she was “cheap”. Soto allegedly extracted the wrong tooth from the patient. On yet another visit, she said a tooth was too big for his mouth, removed it, filed it down and out it back in with Krazy Glue.

Finances and ignorance seem to be the primary reason for patients to make choices such as the one described above. It is imperative that dental health professionals keep dentistry affordable and out of the hands of the illegal practioner.

Technical Tips

Question: Why do you recommend Bredent’s Liquid Colloidal Graphite for soldering?

Answer: Graphite is an excellent anti-flux. The brush assures you control in the placement of Colloidal Graphite on areas that don’t require solder. Easy clean up in water after soldering results in a controlled solder area.

Question: Are there any other uses for Bredent’s Liquid Colloidal Graphite?

Answer: There are two more. First, when casting to prefabricated metal parts, paint the liquid graphite on areas where you do not want any casting flash. A couple of examples would be screw related. Such as the threads on Bredent’s Safety Lock Thread Rod and the OC Bridge Sectioning Attachments. Second, it can be used to establish pre contact areas when making attachment and telescopic work.