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100% Natural Toothbrush

toothbrushToday more than ever, good nutrition and natural supplements are the key to keeping healthy.

Another important key is oral health. Did you know that after the purchase of a house and car that in many instances the next most expensive outlay can be for dental health care?
Studies have shown that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults 35 and over. Recent studies have also shown a possible link with periodontal disease and heart disease and many other health problems.

The simple and easiest way to prevent periodontal disease, is daily brushing and flossing after meals. The 100 % natural toothbrush is the one my family and myself have been using for many years. As a practicing Dental Technologist for the last thirty years, I have made 1000 ‘s of dentures and other dental restorations. Many were unnecessary and could have been prevented with proper care.

Did you know that in many cases periodontal disease can be stopped and with daily brushing and periodic check ups the condition can be improved?

The 100 % natural toothbrush is accepted by the American Dental Association as a cleaning device for use as part of a program for good oral hygiene. I personally recommend this all natural product over other toothbrushes because:

* Four rows of 100 % natural filaments are end-rounded, and multi-tufted to prevent damage to the gums and enamel while gently cleaning around the teeth.

* The narrow neck allows better maneuverability.

* The handle is made of cadmium free material with a wide thumb grip area for excellent cleaning and comfort.

* The brush is equipped with a rubber tip at the end so you can also massage your gums when required.

* Available in soft or medium.