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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

Proud members of D.I.A.C.  since 1992

Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire

3420 Pharmacy Ave, Unit 3
Scarborough, ON  M1W 2P7

Customer Service: 1-800-896-6544
for Canada

Tel. 416-858-9865 Fax. 416-858-9899

Exclusive Distributors of Bredent Products in Canada since 1991
Proud Distributors for Renfert USA
since 1991

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Dentliner 2008 issues

Volume 12 Issue 4 Fall 2008

  • Vario Soft III Extra Coronal Attachment System
  • Questions and Answers Forum
  • Renfert’s New Dynex Separating Discs
  • Renfert’s GO-2011 for disolving alginate and plaster
  • Trade News – Dentists Back Sealants despite concerns about
  • Announcements – Donation to George Brown College of Renfert
Volume 12 Issue 3 Summer 2008

Volume 12 Issue 2 Spring 2008
  • Implant Supported Prosthesis Using the Vario Soft VSS.
  • Bredent’s New Seracoll UV.
  • Bredent’s New MagicContrast Brushes.
  • Special Announcements: Grey Market Sales in Canada.
  • Special Birthday Announcement: We’re Seventeen!
  • Trade News: Upcoming Attachment Courses by XP-Dent in Sunny
Volume 12 Issue 1 Winter 2008
  • Precision Milling for Partial Denture Design
  • Getting the Most from Attachment Selection.
  • Renfert’s Arch Model Trimmer.
  • Bredent’s Diamond Polishing Paste.
  • Renfert’s Scotch Brite Miniature Brushes.
  • Special Announcements: Upcoming Trade Shows – Edmonton –
    Halifax – Toronto
  • Trade News: Donation to George Brown College
  • Trade News: Donation to the Tech Voc School