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Cleaners & Infection Control

Plaster and Stone
Ready mixed solution for removing plaster residue from all surfaces.
The paster is removed gently and quickly.
Hard Plaster is quickly removed.
Order Number: 5200 0993 Removing the plaster gently and quickly does not harm the acrylic surface
or the shade.
Hard plaster is quickly removed without damaging the mixing bowl.



Pathogens can be transmitted by impressions that were not disinfected.
As a result, the risk for the patient is increased. After the use of Dentaclean
impression disinfectant, acute virus, bacteria and fungi can no longer
be detected. The Dentaclean Impression Disinfectant:

  • has a mild odour.
  • has been rested and approved by the Institute for Clinical Hygiene and
    Infection Control, Giessen.
  • comes in 1000 ml container concentrate.
  • makes 10 litres ready to use solution.
  • 5200 0995

Pumice Disinfectant

  • Dentaclean pumice disinfectant provides protection for technicians, dentists
    and patients.
  • eliminates all pathogens
  • remains moist and sterile for two to three weeks with mixing anew.
  • increases the adhesion of the mixed polishing agent t the brush ad object
    thus reducing splashing.
  • saves polishing time since repeated application of pumice slurry is not
  • contains skin-care additives which protect the hands of laboratory personnel.
  • contains natural scents that provide a fresh odour that lasts for weeks.
  • available in 1000 ml (5200 0998) or 5000 ml (5200 0990) sizes.

Dentaclean Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Concentrate cleans instruments and removes polishing compounds from
all dental restorations.

Mild Odour, powerful cleaning capacity!

1000 ml concentrate will produce

10 litre of ready to use solution.

Order Number 5200 0997

Dentaclean Denture Cleaning Agent

Denture Cleaning Agent

Concentrate for easy removal of plaque, tartar and deposits on dental

The liquid concentrate produces 10 litres of solution thus ensuring
high economic efficiency.

1000 ml concentrate will produce

10 litres of ready to use solution.

Order Number 5200 0992