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Dipping Waxes

Using this method, you can save up to 90% of your material costs compared to copings made using vacuum forming systems. Most important is the fact that you save a considerable amount of working time and achieve increased precision.

Available in red, green, yellow, ela-flex (purple) and visio-dip (orange).

Material Safety Data Sheet

K2 Exact Carving Wax

Extraordinary carving qualities for the highest precision in all crown, bridge and inlay work. Available in grey (51000902), yellow (51000903), green (51000904)& beige (51000905).

KBI is a new generation sculpturing wax, which has minimal shrinkage, stays where placed is easily sculptured and forms firm shavings which leave a smooth surface.
KBI medium. light
blue,         25
gr. 5100 0910
KBI hard, light
25 gr. 5100 0920Material Safety Data Sheet
  Under Cut Wax
Precise Blocking out of all cavities on the die. The undercut wax has a high melting point and is therefore perfectly suited fpr blocking out cavities. No bond with the dipping wax is formed.Under Cut Wax, white, 25 gr. 5100
(Undercut wax)Material Safety Data Sheet
Sticky Wax
This wax sets quickly, adheres very well, and can be used for all techniques. It is easily boiled off, without leaving residue thus guaranteeing
clean surfaces.Sticky wax, dark red, 25 gr. 5100 0400Material Safety Data Sheet
Wax for Outer Copings
For fabricating outer copings onto metal. Easily spread and while cooling, will not form creases on the surface exposed to the metal. extremely good precision fit, thanks to the minimal shrinkage.Wax for outer copings, yellow, 25 gr. 5100 0420     (Underpull wax)Material Safety Data Sheet
Splendido Wax.
The light green colour of this wax provides for improved light reflection and facilitates determination of the final contouring.
Splendido medium, light green,       25
gr. 5100 0690
Splendido hard, light
25 gr. 5100
0590Material Safety Data Sheet
Cervical Wax
In order to achieve a perfect marginal seal on crowns, inlays, onlays, etc.. the wax must adapt well and be completely shrink-free. Cervical Wax is used for forming the cervical margin and adheres perfectly to the coping and sculpturing wax.Cervical Wax, red, 25 gr. 5100 0605Material Safety Data Sheet