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Bredent attachments, VSP Vario Soft VSP-FS Joint Snap System

The Bredent VSP is used for implant overdentures and for splinting and stabilizing periodontally weakened teeth. Dentures fits securely on the bar frame and the bar can be easily adjusted.


Assortment VSP-FS Kit: 43006490

VSP-FS Components
4300 6320 Green Reduced Light Friction 8 pce refill
4300 6350 Yellow Normal Medium Friction 8 pce refill
4300 6370 Red High Firm Friction 8 pce refill
43006940 VSP Bar
5600 0020 Titanium Bar

with paralleling mandrel attached.
1 pce refill 4300 5240

Press In Pin
2 pce refill 4300 6220