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Renfert’s Sympro

SymproThis cleaning device is a new development in the well-known pin cleaning technique. Its extraordinary efficiency results from the blend of the unit’s characteristics, the specifically developed abrasive materials and the cleaning fluids. The fully automatic and highly efficient cleaning process doesn’t take up any of your valuable resources for unpleasant tasks, that can however be offered as a value added service.

Conventional cleaning methods are time consuming and costly. These and other disadvantages were taken aboard by our development department and eliminated with this innovative system. The result: SYMPRO will remove difficult deposits such as plaque and tartar, and stains such as coffee, tea and red wine in approx. 15mins.

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Contribution towards the service in the dental clinic Renfert is pleased to support you with your patient service with a comprehensive patient information brochure “Well-being through Oral Hygiene“. Available at your Renfert dealer or download free of charge under

… 35°, the “right” angle Our detailed examinations have shown that optimal cleaning results are achieved at an angle of 35° to the base. At this angle the pins are at their most efficient in the fluid dynamic. With conventional 90° solutions, the object is situated almost unrestricted in the liquid flow, the cleaning results are therefore far less successful. In theSYMPRO, the object is situated against the liquid flow and is therefore rinsed and cleaned optimally

… we have good chemistry With two different, specially developed liquids, even difficult to removestains are in for a fight. Both liquids are ready for use and immediatelyat your disposal. SYMPROfluid Universal is for use together with the device for removing „classic“ deposits such as plaque, tartar, stains and denture adhesive. SYMPROfluid Nicoclean frees dentures even from difficult nicotine stains. This liquid is used wherever post-treatment is necessary without the use of the device.
… it’s all about the pins The term, pin cleaning, comes from the use of metal pins, which are thesecond most important component in this cleaning process, after theliquid. A rotating magnetic field oscillates the pins which subsequentlyenables them to gently remove the superficial deposits mechanically. The rotating pins warm the cleaning bath up to approx. 45° C / 113°F, which subsequently intensifies the effect of the chemical reaction. The pins are made from an acid resistant alloy, and their shape, which is not possible to see with the naked eye, is designed for highest possible effectiveness and durability. Renfert pins are cut exactly at a right angle. This makes them highly efficient, and at the same time gentle to the object’s surface. Pins which are cut bevelled and unevenly achieve less impact energy and the cleaning effect is less efficient. The sharp edges can damage the surface.