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Renfert’s Twisters

High-tech vacuum mixing unit for professionals

Article number: 18261000
Unit: Piece
The compact Twister vacuum mixer can be employed for all conventional casting and modelling materials used in dental technology. All mixing parameters are quickly and easily input. The high performance motor and high quality vacuum pump guarantee homogenous and bubble-free mixing results for dental plasters, investments, and silicons.

Adjustable vacuum level

The adjustable vacuum from 70 to 100% prevents bubbles from forming on certain plasters and duplicating silicones.

The main mixing sequence

The new high performance Twister motors effortlessly maintains the programmed mixing speed for every material, every quantity and every beaker size.”

The standard unit is designed for wall mounting, while an optionally available stand turns the unit into a benchtop device.

The virtually maintenance free components and the intuitive operation make the unit a comfortable partner both in the laboratory and in the practice.

Automatic coupling

The mixing bowls