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Renfert’s MT Plus

The MTplus is a compact yet very high performing model trimmer that can be employed for either wet or dry trimming. The motor is capable of outputting 1,300 W (at 230 V) or 2.0 hp (at 120 V). This power means event he hardest plaster is removed with ease.

Design Know-how Down to the Last Detail The MTplus has been designed so that all cleaning, conversion, and adjustment procedures can be performed quickly and easily, without any tools. The quick-release lock on the side opens the trimmer door. The door can also be removed from its hinges for easy cleaning. With the door open, the trimmer table can be removed by a single handle. The spray pipe is secured to the housing by a plug-in connection and can be easily removed for conversion from wet to dry operation or cleaning. The Allan key used to replace trimmer discs is stored on the top, left-hand side of the unit, behind the trimmer door so that it is always at hand.

Technical details

Wet or dry trimmer Only a few adjustments convert the trimmer from wet to dry operation. The interior is designed to provide optimum flow currents in both the wet and dry operating modes. Wet trimming:

Dry trimming:

Connect the extractor (f. ex. Renfert Vortex compact 3L with cloth filter).
Remove the spray pipe.

Precision and Functionality The adjusting wheel inside the table base is connected to the trimmer table by a fine thread. This allows the highest degree of precision for the adjustment of the angle to the trimmer disc. Once the correct angle has been adjusted, a locknut secures the position. A right-angle gauge is included for a precise 90° adjustment. Lines for trimming at 25°, 55°, 60°, 65°, and 120° angles have been laser-engraved in the model table. These simultaneously ensure that suction does not cause the plaster model to adhere to the table.