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Bredent Corporate Profile

bredent corporate headquarters

bredent headquarters, Senden, Germany.

The bredent company was founded more than thirty-five years ago by Mr. Peter Brehm, a dental technician who took as a guiding principle the development of product ideas from other dental practitioners. Over the next twenty years, he created an impressive product line which contains such popular items as VKS Attachments, Aesthetic Gnatho Flex, In-between Pontics and Pi-Ku-Plast. Today, Bredent products are sold world-wide and the catalogue is available in 19 languages. Over 96% of all the products are directly manufactured at the bredent facilities, located in the town of Senden in Southern Germany. bredent holds ISO 9001 / DIN EN 46001 certification, ensuring a quality assurance program that researches, develops and manufactures superior dental products.

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