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Case Study # 1

Case 1: BeforeCase 1: After
This female patient has a six unit anterior bridge. A stress breaking tube attachment was utilized from the left lateral. Notice that the VKS mini male attachment is placed closer to the gingiva. Its 1.7 mm. dia. and placement provide more room to create aesthetics, since the anterior teeth are narrower buccal lingually. A removable cast partial denture was fabricated.
Additional adjustable retention was achieved by crowning the second molar and adding a third attachment rather than traditional clasping of the abutment.

Case Study # 2

Case 2: Before        . Case 2: After
A Senior male. Treatment: Construct 2 lower centrals PFM Crowns and 1st and 2nd bicuspid PFM crowns with 3 bredent VKS SG attachments. A lower Cast Partial Denture was fabricated utilizing the yellow (normal) female attachment. Notice no areas of metal showing in this aesthetically attractive lower combination case.

Note:    Green female attachment – reduced friction

Yellow female attachment – normal friction

Red female attachment – high friction.

The VKS stud snap can be used with slender frameworks such as the centrals. A mini 1.7 was used to create enough space for aesthetics.

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