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Renfert’s Brushes


Ceramicus: Article number: 1716-0000 / set

Ends the discussion about natural bristles or synthetic hairs.
New-type brush bristles – exclusively from Renfert – with properties superior to both types of brush known so far. This special material and the manufacturing process to create the CERAMICUS finally provide …

… what specialists in porcelain aesthetics really need:

A brush tip which remains perfectly formed

  • Sufficient tension force for picking up larger amounts of porcelain
  • Moistening the porcelain powder optimally
  • Build up interdental regions without the use of a metal instrument
  • Direct working procedures; no need to rinse continually, saves time and allows concentrated working
  • The custom grain of the wooden handle makes every CERAMICUS unique.

Article number: 1714-0000 / set

A long-established, high quality acrylic bristle brush for optimum porcelain modelling.


  • tapered bristles always ensure brush remains pointed.
  • each bristle is identical in its smoothness.
  • densely packed bristles.
  • no splitting or splaying of bristles.
  • portions of porcelain lie nicely on the bristles.
  • permanent, even flexibility and elasticity.
  • 12 different brush sizes cover the whole range of requirements for porcelain modelling.
  • ergonomically shaped, light brush handle.

PROFI: Article number: 1711-0100 / set

High quality porcelain brush made from A1 quality Kolinsky natural bristles.


  • finest bristle point for take-up of the smallest porcelain portions.
  • weight incorporated in shaft gives optimum balance.
  • comfortable to hold due to ergonomic handle.

Kolinsky: Article number: 1713-1000 / set

Natural bristle brush made from Kolinsky red sable bristles – quality and aesthetics combined.
  • fine, flexible brush tip.
  • optimum liquid reservoir.
  • 6 different sizes for individual uses.

Genius: Article number: 1715-0000 /set

High quality porcelain brushes with multi-functional handle. Setting new standards in utility, function and design.The multi-functional handle provides:

  • a special cover protects the brush tip.
  • ideal storage position – standing on its tip. This prevents porcelain deposits and splaying of tip bristles.
  • non-slip texture
  • comfortable handling.

Hair quality

  • natural A1 Kolinsky quality bristles.
  • closely packed bristles to form a fine point.
  • ideal mixture of stability and elasticity for processing porcelain.
  • Genius No. 8 special for Big-Brush technique.

The extras

  • colour-coded brush sizes.
  • Genius No. 8 has metal beads to shake out a fine brush tip.
  • non-slip brush handle texture.
  • optimally balanced grip with centre of gravity in the front third.
  • largest possible cover on metal sleeve.

Basic Line: Article number: 1717-0000 /set

The main difference between Basic line and other low cost dental brushes is the choice of material and manufacturing method. The top bristle quality and the complex manufacturing process provide the Basic line brush with all the essential requirements for working with porcelain. The Basic line offers very high quality at a fair and attractive price.

Basic…line is made from Premium Red Sable and during the Manufacturing process, optimal length of bristles are chosen, any unsuitable bristles are discarded and a special adhesive technique is used to bind the bristles.
Conventional, low cost brushes are made from Standard Red Sable and up to 80% of the low cost bristles used are usually meant for the cosmetic or painting market.
Some of the problems of other competitors’ brushes:

  • Bristles too short
  • No sorting out
  • Chemical acidification
  • Poor quality retention of bristles which are often too short
  • Collar with sharp edges