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Micrylium BioSURF


Great for Counter Tops, Metal Trays, Glas Porcelain, Impressions. Use
full strength, spray, wait one minute, wipe.


Code : 01SURF006

Features and Benefits
Bioload Resistant
– One Step Product
BioSURF disinfects well in heavy blood and protein  environments. Also effective against mature pellicle colonies of Pseudomonas sp. World Record TB @ 50 seconds.
Economical The Spray – Wipe technique with Bio SURF uses 50% less product than Spray -Wipe -Spray methods.
Will not corrode metals, stain or stick as do water-based Chlorine, Chlorhexidine or Iodine products.
Safer Contains NO phenols or aldehydes.
Does not contain recently noted hormone disrupting surfactants based on nonylphenyl ethoxylates.
Staff Friendly Protects staff from aerosols generated by spraying toxic  phenols and aldehydes. Gloves and Mask are not necessary as it is kind to skin.
Time Saving One minute high level disinfection (TB, parvovirus). Each  Patient/Client turnaround with BioSURF saves as much as 9 minutes vs competitive products.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Helpful Tips

Use full strength. Never dilute. BioSURF will not
corrode metals, stain or stick as do water-based chlorine,
chlorhexidine or iodine products.

Spray lightly. A light mist is all that is required.

Prime Areas of use are countertops, trays, glass,
porcelain and impressions.

Not for use on latex painted surfaces or vinyl. Avoid
long contact time with rubber or latex materials. Not to be used on
polycarbonate plastics or warm plastic surfaces.

Avoid concurrent use with bleach as staining
(yellow/brown) can occur.

BioSURF 500

BioSURF Spray

Code : 01SURF704

Remove trigger from 700mL BioSURF spray bottle and pour
BioSURF into the bottle from 500mL pouch or 6L bag-in-box. Use a clean
funnel to refill the BioSURF spray bottle. Replace trigger and rinse
funnel. Spray BioSURF lightly as a mist over surfaces to be
disinfected. One pass with one trigger pull should be sufficient. Wait
one minute then wipe thoroughly with disposable paper towel.BioSURF is effective agaisnt TB, Poliovirus and Canine
Parvovirus in less then one minute. Effective against all other
vegetative bacteria and fungi in 10 seconds.