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Micrylium BioMERS

Removes excess acrylic monomer from appliances. Immerse items for a minimun of one minute.


Code : 02MERS006

Features and Benefits
Kind With BioMERS Gloves and Mask are not necessary as it is kind to skin. No irritating vapours like aldehydes
Will not corrode metals, even when stainless steel, carbide steel or aluminum instruments are mixed.
Patient Friendly Plastic items such as dentures, bitewings or cheek retractors, when soaked, absorb 2 – 8 % by weight of the disinfectant. Mucosal irritation caused by  bsorption of aldehydes or phenols is eliminated.
Rapid BioMERS reaches highest level (TB) disinfection in one minute. Compare with glutaraldehydes at 45 to 90 minutes.
Safer Contains NO phenols or aldehydes.
Does not contain recently noted hormone disrupting surfactants based on nonyl-phenyl ethoxylates.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Helpful Tips

Keep covered to maximize life and prevent evaporation.

Use as a chairside pre-soak for instruments to reduce risk when transporting to the sterilization area.

Soaking acrylic prosthetics such as dentures and hearing aids, removes the methyl methacrylate monomer known to cause sensitivity.

Pour BioMERS into bath. Immerse objects and instruments for a minimum of one minute and a maximum of 10 minutes. Cover bath.
BioMERS should be replaced when dirty or every ten to fourteen days.

BioMERS 500

Code : 02MERS500