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Renfert’s Basic Quattro & Basic Quattro IS



The Basic microblasters can carry out all of the conventional applications needed within the field of dental technology. Their modular construction allows the basic 2-tank model to be upgraded to a 3 or 4- tank unit. The colour coding system for the tank lids, tanks, tank selector switch, and blasting handles simplifies selection of the correct combination. An air blast nozzle is located in the interior of the blasting chamber. An easy-to-reach, flat 360° foot switch is enclosed in delivery. An additional protective grate to prevent premature glass wear due to erosion is also optionally available.

Basic quattro 25-70 µ/70-250 µ 100-120 V – comes standard
with two tanksArticle number: 2958-1000
The blasting chamber and air blast nozzle
The Basic quattro’s blasting chamber is spacious and offers great freedom of movement. The grate at the base of the unit allows the used blasting material to be sucked away by an external extraction unit. Using the air blast nozzle allows objects and hands to be cleaned whilst still within the chamber.Hose feed and colour coding system
The hose feed is constructed so that your view is not hindered. The blasting handles are mounted in practical holders. Orientation is easy due to the colour coding. The colour coding on blasting handles, tank selector switch, tank lids and blasting tanks eases orientation.
Basic Quattro
Basic Quattro IS 25-70 µ/70-250 µ 100-120 Vwith Instant Stop – comes standard
with two tanksArticle number: 2959-1000
The Basic quattro IS is a specialised version of the Basic quattro. IS (= immediate stop) stands for the integrated instant cut-off technology. This system allows the blasting start / stop process to occur within a fraction of a second. The modular construction allows expansion of the 2-tank basic unit to one with 3 or 4 tanks.

The colour coding system for the tank lids, tanks, tank selector switch, and blasting handles simplifies selection of the correct combination. An air blast nozzle is also located in the interior of the blasting chamber.

The immediate stop function
The foot switch controls the pneumatic valve. This allows the blasting process to begin or end instantly. The control system allows a very precise dosage of blasting material.
There is no flow of material once blasting has stopped (savings on blasting material!). The flow of blasting material is consistent from the beginning, as the blasting pressure does not have to constantly be regained. The IS function enables focused, precise sandblasting for example:

  • sandblasting fissures.
  • devesting delicate restorations (allporcelain/
    pressable ceramics, inlays, telescope units, thin crown margins etc.).
  • precision attachments.
Basic Quattro IS
basicquattro3 Adding the blasting modules
The basic unit is delivered from the factory with two tanks (1 x 25-70 μm and 1 x 70-250 μm). One or two blasting tanks can be subsequently fitted according to the grain size required. Mounting the additional blasting modules only takes a few steps and requires no tools. The Basic quattro is a compact, multifunctional sandblasting unit that can be used for surface conditioning, finishing, preparing metal frameworks for oxidation firing etc.Tank selector switch, pressure regulator and
protective grate

Individual tanks can be comfortably selected from within the blasting chamber. The respective blasting pressure can be set by the pressure regulator situated directly above the switch. A colour coding system eases orientation. An additional protective grate to prevent premature glass wear due to erosion is also optionally available. Application is very quick and easy. When needed, the grate is secured below the screen retainer with magnets. Order no. 2960-0003